October 5th, 2006


that was the week that was (mega post)

Are we sitting comfortably? I suggest that you should be, dear reader, as I am about to inflict a week's worth of unstructured ramblings upon you.

I watched S4 Spooks, since the dvds finally arrived. I was really started to grit my teeth over all the Spooks spoilers I was stumbling over, and I wanted to catch up on the as yet unscreened here fourth series before it was ruined for me any further (thankyou, The Times).

So, we're now stuck with Adam Carter. I like him well enough, but alas I don't love him quite the way I loved Tom (big, big Matthew fan here). I was actually plessantly surprised at how good S4 was, because significant cast changes are almost always symptomatic of shark jumping, but while Spooks, for me, started leaping over that Great White in S3, this time 'round, it was gripping television (so long as I put out of my mind any spoilers and extraordinarily similiar plots seen on my Special Branch disks).
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