September 18th, 2006


magazine scans

Okay, starting with Friday, there was Midsomer Murders, which I can't stand, but I was waiting up for The Vice, having missed Stargate (bit of a grizzle here as Daniel was on the telly in a singlet being all man candy when I was turned around at the door to go shopping for tea - arrrgh - especially as I'd decided to sod work and go home and watch Daniel). Every time I watch MM it seems the local fair/fete inspires a rash of murders. They really take their cake competitions seriously down there, and I'd be suffering anxiety as the annual fete day approached, but never mind. Also, did not need to see Simon Callow in his y-fronts. Really did not.

The Vice, well, I guess I was overtired and fidgety, and there wasn't enough Marc Warren, because it just didn't grab me at all this time around. Nor were any of the interesting subplots teased out. Sigh.
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