September 4th, 2006



How to wake Sam up from his coma: "Wake up, or the kitty gets it" (scroll down).

Friday was a dusasterous day at work, and Wire In The Blood was The Case of the Obvious Mystery again, but never mind. Stayed up to watch Waking The Dead, because I was still grinding my teeth over the day's injustices, even though I find all the lead characters annoying. It was a rather silly plot that read like a Wire In The Blood re-tread, but at least one of the annoying characters bit the big one. They're not afraid to kill off characters on UKTV, and shockingly casually, too, something USTV is only just starting to get into. Or maybe I just missed all the 'very special episode' ads. (Btw, the episode was two years old, so I don't think it counts as a spoiler).
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