August 23rd, 2006


you gotta be as blind as Anne Frank not to see that

Tuesday: I treated myself last night. Just one dvd, so I watched episode two, with the commentary this time (yes, I'd been holding off, didn't want it to spoil the magic, if you know what I mean). Good grief, could they titter any more over the male bonding, though it's amusing to hear the EP giggling over the slashy bits like any one of my friends. And I did have something blindingly obvious pointed out that I'd never noticed before: Sam's pissiness over nothing solving anything "quite like a punch" comes back to bite him in the arse, because he's saved by a punch thrown by Gene.

Which of course leads to the most wonderful smiles. Oh, there's a lot in this episode: Gene leaning in real close, the post coital smoke, Sam pretty much swooning after Gene saves him and then Sam calling out for Gene in absolute terror in the hospital. Well, who else is he going to call on to save him but the man who saved his bacon? Oh, this episode is all about Sam and Gene and their push and shove. Lovely stuff. There's Sam's tanty in the street, after the wonderful, breathless car diving bit (pure Profs, imho), or, and lest I forget the way Sam just beams at Gene in the ultimate lineup scene after Gene mutters thoughtfully about "special glass". It's so sweet, that smile. Oh yeah, Sammyboy is smitten. And just when I think it can't get better, there's the poker game and more "warm looks" between the boys. "A bit more than warm", giggles the EP.

Swoon. Sigh.
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