August 2nd, 2006

life on mars 09

Rule Britannia is out of bounds

Last night I was watching the adventures of a man who wakes up in the wrong decade and staggers about, disorientated, thinking he's mad or some evil plot. Oh yeah, he was also frozen in a block of ice (and thanks to Austin Powers, smirking is inevitable). No, not Sam, not even Austin, but Adam Adamant. He of sword, cape and a strong aversion to women.

Oh yes. I've been after this series for (cough) twenty years since I first heard about it, heavily into my 60s spy phase. And, now, at last, as of last night, I have it, on shiny dvd, all 17 surviving episodes (Mine! Mine! All mine! Mwahaha!). There were thirty, but, as so often is the case, were wiped for some penny pinching saving just 20c bureaucratic felgercarb that can never justify the loss and destruction of cultural heritage. Though last night I was joking that the lost episodes may have spontaneously combusted from campiness. Oooh, they are camp. As a scout jamboree, ducky. Think Jason King, Wild Wild West and The Avengers. Then hit the frappe button.
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