July 28th, 2006

gene blue

life with mars

Okay, I'm going to rehash bits of private correspondence because, alas, I don't really have the time or brain cells today for more than one thought.

The conversation started, as so many things to, with the Gene Genie. Still on the mythology thread, this time various pages leading us towards Mars. Neither planet, nor song, nor perky blonde teen detective, but the old god of war. But not just war. Mars has protective and even peace keeping aspects, albeit peace keeping with a capital PK.

Amusingly enough, in Britain, Mars was often found in combination with or sharing the guise of local Celtic gods, including our old friend Cernunnos, the god of the hunt. I have officially lost count of the number of times any of our crackpot theories, and not just the mythological ones, but the film and literary themes as well, lead back to old hornhead. So there, again, is the Huntsman reference, this time associated with Mars. Mars = Hunt.

Everything comes back to the Hunt. I'm starting to no longer care how the writers came up with the name now. They invoked him and now they've got him. Spooky how it always keeps twisting back to the Hunter, though. I can definitely see Gene as Mars. There's also the whole play on Mars thing too (Life on Mars? Field of Mars?). Is it a planet, a person, an aspect or a state of being? Gene = Mars?
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