July 27th, 2006

lom can't win


So, I wonder how they're going to wrap up Life on Mars, then? Personally, I'd go for the Moldavian massacre. Always a classic. Or maybe the old Number 96 bomb. Heh.

Too annoying that they're only going to deliver two years out of a three year arc. Three series would be nice and comfy, and, I might note, leave us with about the same number of episodes as one US season. If you want to do US telly, boys, you have to put in the hours. Nothing bugs me more than an actor whining about how work cuts into his golf game. I mean, really. Try working a double shift for no pay every day day and see how you like it. Hmph. (I'm owed a nice house and a car in never paid overtime. One could call it a vocation but my friends call me a chump).

So, anyway, John and the boys, taking their ball and going home. But how to wrap it up? Wake up? The old Dallas shower scene? Well, I could probably go the old shower scene, but I digress. Something hideously evangelical? Something mystical? Something scary? Something sane? Something silly? That Buffy episode where she wakes up in the asylum? The St Elsewhere dream sequence? The Blakes 7 guns blazing exit?
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