July 19th, 2006

lom gene gun

the spiders from mars

Anyone ever notice just how often Sam demands to know what is going on between Jackie Queen and Gene? Heh. Bunny boiler Sam.

Should Gene worry? Well, Sam is his father's son, and aside from the ruthless ambition and ultraviolence (he certainly did a number on Ray, even though Ray asked for it), there's that very creepy scene where he's off to meet his Mum, strutting along, black leather jacket, black shirt, flowers in hand, Vic Tyler incarnate. Eeep.

Gah. I posted my displeasure over recent remarks from TPTB re season two of Life on Mars, and all I get is a flood of "have faith" posts. Leave off, yer bloody evangelists. Obviously that lot have not spent/wasted their entire adult lives in front of the box and have never seen a brilliant show disappear up its own bung hole before (hell, it's even a Bowie song, kinda).

What set my alarm bells off was the (hopefully) throw away line: think ridiculous moustaches. Now I don't know about you, but when they start going "fake 'taches, haw haw haw" I start to worry. A lot. It sounds like my fave show has turned into That 70s Show. I'm getting a vague whiff of shark. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps it'll be pure genius, but, statistically, how many shows that brag about jokes with fake face fur would you recommend to a friend? I mean, really? Or are you cringing, just a bit?
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