July 12th, 2006

lom clock

hail big bunny!

I never did get to write that fic. Horrid day, horrid, crash happy pooter, and by the time I got home it was work, work, work until I realised my jaw grinding was giving me a headache, so I just gave up doing anything more.

Except I wanted to try one of the dvds that the pooter said were bad/broken/non existant but it worked okay, albeit in a slighty jerky fashion that made it look like they were all off to the beat the Hun. And for a week I promised myself would be wall to wall Jack Davenport, I seem to have watched Richard Coyle instead (and I'm still seething about being prevented from seeing him on stage whilst in London. Seethe, seethe, seethe).

Finally got to see an episode of Strange. I'd heard about it, but had never got around to seeing it, until last night. I think it's my new guilty pleasure. It's as cheesy as The Omen, Miracles and Supernatural, all rolled in together. So I was surprised to find Richard being the most po faced and un Jeff-like as I've ever seen him. No, some of the cheese came from Alastair Mackenzie, all young, gorgeous and very Archie (can I say Evil Archie? Is it still a spoiler now?). But the real cheese came from Ian "I could have played the Emperor" Richardson, as arch as a Roman aqueduct (and looking more and more like Miss Marple, it's alarming). He swished up and down in his big black cloak so often it became mandatory (and implied) to hum the Imperial March everytime he decided to step out.

Oh my. I thoroughly enjoyed that, even if I was laughing at them more than with them. It was still a wheeze. And how often to I get to see my sitcom staples all demonically possessed? Not often enough, I say. Brilliant stuff.

Meanwhile, I have a plgue of plot bunnies, but no ime to write. Always the way, sigh. I am particularly, if somewhat darkly, inspired by this quote from Zatoichi:

"Hirate Miki. I've never known such a skilled swordsman. We fished here together and drank sake together, too. He spoke with feeling about the fleeting nature of life. He was truly an admirable samurai. Yet it was I who killed him. Until I felt the sword penetrate his body, I never even imagined I could kill him. For the sake of a meaningless war between gangster clans, I lost a man it took me forever to find: a man I could call a friend."
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