June 22nd, 2006

lom cracked

going dark side

Hmmm. If I do write an Evil!Sam (tm) story (see many musings over at The Railway Arms), assuming I ever finish the next two parts of my current story arc (everything I wrote last night I have to re-write because I forgot the all important Princess Bride bit, sheesh), should I set Evil!Sam in 1973 or 2006 (being an alternate 1973 or 2006 Manchester, of course)?

Basically, it's just following the idea that Sam has shown himself to be capable of being as ruthless, dangerous and manipulative as his father, and this proposed fic would follow along the lines that Vic Tyler stayed, therefore providing Sam with what he most wished for. However, as this is The Twilight Zone, Sam Tyler now grows up to be Manchester's #1 bad boy, instead of a repressed DCI. It's Sam, turned to the dark side, one hundred percent id and very, very nasty (cf Gangster No. 1, Get Carter, Layer Cake, Essex Boys, etc).

I really love the idea, and so do a few other folks, so I'd really like to take it out for a trot. So, ideas? Plots? Premise?
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