June 15th, 2006

lom can't win

badly drawn boy

Ack. Somebody tell Gene to just get out there and start catching villains because this sappy stuff is driving me to distraction. He is such a girl. He should really stop it now.

Meanwhile (thanks to a dear friend) I've got another Simm interview to upload for y'all but my PC it being a bitka again today, so no uploads, and no dvd burning. Argh. [beats head on keyboard and comes up qwerty]

I'll try again tomorrow. All I can do. Whimper.

Meanwhile, I tried to turn that frown upside down by pissing off to the art gallery. They've got a collection of prints up from the 15thC-18thC and they were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Loved just about all of them, but especially 70s rock album cover Jesus, stoner Jesus, the pissy little actor having a strop from 1599 (some things never change), Vauxhall Gardens (for the Vanity Fair connections), the 18th views of the Roman forum (mentally comparing what's left to my piccies of same, cause I took the very same angle), a party at a castle that had me peering at every tiny prancing figure, ditto a rape and pillage scene that was so tiny but very Tarrantino once you really, really looked (there was a dude strung upside down in the roaring fireplace that I missed first time round) and a few that reminded me of a comic book artist I never liked but now I suddenly know what he was trying to do (alas, his name escapes me). There were also lots of gloomy vanitas you're old and haggard and death is already griining at you pics, which really helped lift my mood, not.

There was a talk, or meant to be a talk on the works, but it was some posh Pommie wanker and it was about him and his travels to Madrid and Munich and wherever. I bailed.
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