May 31st, 2006


hammer horror

Everyone is wearing brown hoodies in the horrid old bus in the morning. It's like I'm stuck on a bus going to a Da Vinci Code con. Of course, it's all dark and I can only see the brown hoods in the dim light of the one half working light left on the bus, so it's all creepy and I sit there, teeth chattering, thinking the evil bald, albino, kung fu werewolf worshipping monks are here to get me.

No more Doctor Who for me. I haven't even watched the Cybermen episode yet (it arrived last night but I was just a wee bit too knackered to fully enjoy it) and I'm having nightmares already. Cybermen and Daleks were the absolute monsters of my childhood nightmares, the Cybermen much more so than the Daleks ever where, and just seeing the trailer seems to have dredged it all up from those dark corners. Thanks. My nightmares are back to plague me. In widescreen digitial surround sound.
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