May 17th, 2006


cool for cats

I was watching Wire in The Blood on UKTV the other day and I was thinking upon how, in the 90s, you weren't a cop show unless you had a profiler on board. Then it became all about forensics. I was hoping that Life on Mars might bring it back to being all about fast cars slamming into carboard boxes, sliding across bonnets and slamming suspects into walls.

Well, be careful what you wish for, because, according to The Independent, they're bringing back The Professionals. Yay? I mean, as much as I try to forget, that putrid remake still lurks around the edges of my consciousness, like a mould that won't shift from the corner of the bathroom. Still, if it was a little more Life on Mars and a little less New Avengers, this time around, we might be lucky.

And before you start lecturing me about how right wing the Profs were, I never knew it at the time. When I were lass, it was all cut up on the local station and all we ever saw were car chases, sliding across bonnets and slamming suspects into walls. A proper cop show, in other words. As to the plot? Plot, what plot? I only saw the plots when I bought the dvd sets back from Britain a couple of years ago. And I was stunned, I can tell you. It was another show. Not the one I remembered at all.
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