May 9th, 2006

lom cracked

sisters feeling call

Just had some spam from Elvin Person. I don't know, but I like that name. It's on the call back list. (Yeah, spam is great for picking out the names of minor plot device characters in a hurry).


Somehow, somebody had carefully replaced his up-totheminute copperwear
with an outfit the flavour of which was provided by a striped shirt
equipped with a collar of infinite surface area and a leather jacket
with no major visual blemishes, which just clung to his torso all wrong.

The trousers were flared, the boots beneath them zipped and waggishly
heeled. We were spared any details of the underwear, but my guess would
have to be paisley Y-fronts. Tyler had woken up in 1973, a catastrophic
year for men of style, and his face registered the aesthetic horror of
the surroundings without in any way understanding the implications. - The Evening Standard (London, England); 1/10/2006, Pete Clark

Paisley Y-fronts. How to stop a slash fic stone cold dead in its tracks. That's quite an obstacle to overcome. The mental image is burned into my brain. Yeesh.
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