April 10th, 2006


monday already

This just amused me. I could whine about spoilers, but I'm not that anal, and really, wot a headline to see first thing on Monday morning: TV Doctor saves Queen from werewolf

Found another Simm interview, and it's another "Simm has a hangover" interview. Heh. He's either hung over or drinking like a fish (Independent interview no longer archived online, to the best of my googling ability, alas). I'm not commenting or tsking, I'm just frightfully amused and more than a little envious of my favourite hedonist. Small wonder he was at the NME awards. He's very rock and roll, is our John. I imagine him like Peter O'Toole in some dim, distant future.

Meanwhile, I realise that, aside from the fillums on Tuesday, I'd gone an entire week without tv. Wot a week. No wonder I was knackered if there wasn't even telly time. I didn't get my arse down in front of the box until Friday night's D&P marathon, with episodes on the ABC and UKTV again (some overlap, but the latter are repeats). Not such a great episode, focusing more on Peter's domestic woes (none of which had to do with the fatman) to the point that the actual crime was relegated to B plot status, which it probably deserved, being some silliness over monkey gland injections or some such. It played out like a script written by committee, and it probably was, with various plots that, on their own, and properly explored, could have made half decent stories, but all stuck in the blender, they just amounted to WTF?

And as for the cgi tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night, what nerd's hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry? It's just not quite right, is it? And as for the gay, yet plenty of murderous illegimate sons subplot, purlease. Contrived as.
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