March 28th, 2006

life on mars: otp

old dogs, old tricks

Wow. The spam we're getting now is starting to really become surreal. It reminds me of the sort of crap poems I used to have to desperately try and find meaning in back in school:
castle backside
consistency olive or hijacker rape the an instinct a profound, untenable overdone as satanism as tights as window shopping by and as interconnect
introduce the?! periphery sewer posy February as?! placid. that selection.... rhapsody strident the consternation camerawoman overdo operating system.
warm-hearted buttress the that unforeseen head-on,
time clock perilous designation curtsy mass production larceny boot camp orchard crept a megaphone Baptist, the by freeze-dried: to by was quietness notification, an
reconcile law enforcement disco embezzlement and mixed-up a! provide mezzanine and
flour valuables the and? parallel to booklet to fortune cookie coming and
fondly progressively paraphrase
optic characteristically incorporate a the thread investigation sea gratify fusion in is?! trundle: peach

That is does my head in, so it does. I think it's my favourite free form poem, ever.
And is it just so the stuff I had to read at school. And you wonder why I'm so poetry adverse these days. Negative reinforcement, I say. Trundle: peach. OMG, insert overintellectual flailing wankfest of presumed meaning of both text and subtext here.

The sun is still shining. I be so happy on account of my wee magazine arriving. Very silly, but there it is. Besides, Simm is teh sex.

Mind you, he claims he's dressing like a grown up now, but I think he's dressing like Doctor Who:

One of these guys travels time in a police box, the other thinks he's a time travelling policeman, but which is which?
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