March 11th, 2006

life on mars 11


I read in the papers that John Profumo died. The obit was accompanied by *that* photo of Ms Keeler, as well it might, but I was kind of sad, in an end of an era kind of way. This was the man who launched a thousand Profs, Spooks, etc episodes. I think it could be fairly said that Profumo has a larger footprint in my dvd collection than most well known directors (barring Hitchcock or AK).

It leaves me with a kind of nostalgic sadness, like when I read they'd deciphered one of the last three remaining enigma codes the other week (mind you, the war's over, not sure who won, really).

Vale 60s Britain.

"Sexual intercourse began/ In 1963 (which was rather late for me)/ Between the end of the Chatterley ban/ And the Beatles first LP." - Philip Larkin