March 10th, 2006

life on mars 11

the restaurant that time forgot

Enormous plates of food consumed: 1 Celebrity sighting: 1

I can't tell you about what was on tv last night, because I went out. Yes, really.

It all started with a discussion over breadcrumbs on the website, which naturally turned to schnitzels, then a longing to dine at a great schnitzelhaus up at the Cross. So we did. And it was brilliant. Sure, we were sweating in 33C heat like madmen over enormous plates of cheap, good food, but the best bit was the decor, untouched since the 70s. And so very, very 70s. Oh, happy day. And then someone was kind enough to park and old gold car out the front. Magic.

It was just one of those perfect, silly moments. I loved every second.

How much must Sam be secretly loving the 70s? Real food, real portions, and the piano player in the corner doesn't stop when you ask for sugar in your tea. What fun.
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