March 9th, 2006

life on mars 05

70s coppers

I forgot to tell you about Special Branch. Desperate for 70s cops as I am, I pulled it down off my 70s cops shelf (yes, I have a shelf, and I'm not sure I'm ashamed of that, either), but instead of watching the '73 episodes, I ended up watching the '69 pilot. It was very amusing in a laugh at them not with them kind of way, because, well, it was 1969, afterall. The best fun came when they discovered a lipstick in the Russian spy's bathroom, then stockings under the bed. The junior officers were then told to find more women's clothing in the flat, and turned up a pair of women's shoes in the wardrobe, whereupon the squad all exchanged knowing looks. Hee! I want a tranvestite KGB Colonel in Life on Mars, and I want it now.
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