March 7th, 2006


things that go bump in the night

My rambles about lake monsters yesterday should clue you in to the idea that I'm not entirely adverse to strange and spooky shows. And so last night I watched another episoed of The Lakes (things that bump and grind in the night). But before that, Supernatural. This was billed as a good one, and it was, what I saw of it (I missed the middle act as my PC needed care and attention re downloading issues). But the opening scene where the chair is pushed away from the wardrobe? Chills, absolute chills. And it was nice to see a huge crack in Dean's armour, even if it was all about parental issues, again, but also because Sam was really weirding him out. Still, it was nice to actually pay lip service to the fact that the boys might have issues, even if they seem to have carry on baggage compared to Sam Tyler's enormous ocean going trunks.
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