February 24th, 2006


livin' in the seventies

Last night there was Smallville and Lost and The West Wing to tempt me, and even an episode of Medium that had a woman from 2005 trapped in the past - ahem.

But sod that. I came home to find my dearest, most beloved friend had dropped off episode seven in my letter box. SAM! GENE! And as slashy as, oh my.

So a little filler before I inflict spoilers and twisted extra textual readings upon you all.

Since my boys are working out of Manchester and Salford CID, I was bemused when this article about Sioux in Salford popped up. I'd known about Buffalo Bill's UK tours (in fact, there are a couple of half written fics on my zip revolving around same), but I'd not heard about how some of the cast were left behind or stayed behind (seeing as how it was around the time of Wounded Knee, I can see Manchester's relative attractions). And then some researcher decided to look them up, and found descendants. Suddenly, Mancunians had cousins on the reservation. It tickles me and somebody ought to buy up the film rights. And Sam better watch out for Injuns, or he'll really end up with an arrow in his hat - heh. (But he's very cool for cats).

And meanwhile I was thinking there's some Donnie Darko in the mix, somewhere, and I do hope if we finally find out what all these running through trees flashbacks mean, that the denouement is a little bit more than in Carnivale, where after two seasons of mysterious jump cuts of running through cornfields we finally had Ben and Justin chase each other through the confields, hack and slash at either just a bit, throw in some Christian imagery and roll credits. It was a little bit of a let down after so much build up. I'm just thinking it's all a bit de ja vu, that bit of it, at least. Not that I don't have faith, because they absolutely delighted me again.

I feel a bit nervous
I feel a bit mad
I feel like a good time that's never been had
I feel a bit fragile
I feel a bit low
Like I learned the right lines
But I'm on the wrong show
Collapse )