February 21st, 2006

life on mars: otp

a couple of likely lads

This is very much how I felt yesterday, ie a bit wobbly. And the pic just amuses me. I just love the all too careful measuring and pouring going on. And I probably shouldn't post the handcuffed nekkid to the bed pics that preceded it. Yup, more Mr Simm in handcuffs. I love this show. In anycase, I shouldn't, not where just anybody could see it. Which brings me to my next thought...

I'm going to switch this LJ back to friends only. It's silly and paranoid, but I just don't want people I don't like reading about my shiny new fandom. Having had several people tear up pictures of shows/actors I've really liked in my face, just to see me wibble, has rather reinforced this dread over the years. Let's not hang it out the window and just ask for it to be shot off, is my way of thinking.

Nor would I particulary welcome my net savvy rellies stumbling across my copious odes to extra textual readings of Life on Mars, despite the BBC being fully OTP when it comes to the lads.

Oh, how I love Life on Mars. How much of a proper, classic cop buddy show is it? Oh, this is what has been missing from my life (and apparently millions of others). Just throw in some more Sweeney style flirting (I'm still agog at last Saturday's episode of The Sweeney), and I'll be as happy as a pig in shit, so I will. Gene and Sam have stolen my heart, and my sanity, and I'm quite happy to let them do so.

So friends locked these squees will be.

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