February 15th, 2006



I actually did get to watch my dvd last night. It's only since I've had the new, if poxy, tv that I've been able to watch dvds in my room (my old telly was over twenty years old and remembered high school). And still, I rarely get to set aside a night for a dvd. But this time, I did.

Since I was missing the man in black, I picked out Quills, which had Joaquin, all dressed in black. as a tortured priest no less, complete with self flagellations, oh my. The character's tragic disintegration aside, I've never seen Joaquin look prettier than he does in this film. It has been ages since I've seen it, and I'd almost forgotten. How pretty he is, all gazing soulfully and stuff.

The story, ranging from farce to grotesque brutality, is very European in tone and even looks, drawing from natural palettes of blacks, browns and greys. It also offers up some pointed comments on censorship, morality, brutal state, organisational and theological repression, the whole civilisation vs animal instincts argument and the flawed creaure that is man.

Well, that's the high flalutin' film wank way of looking at it. One can also enjoy it for the scene where a hysterical Joaquin rips his clothes off. Heh. If one were so inclined, that is.
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