February 14th, 2006


mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest WB star of all?

Hello, it's international embittered and unloved day. I'm also as hormonal as hell, as volatile as old sweaty gelegnite and my alarm didn't go off. The bus seat was wet, the bus was crowded and I'm really feeling the burn from the weekend's gardening. Worse, I'm still as fat as ever. Fatter, even, and I'm even learning to take my coffee without sugar. Just how much misery am I meant to endure in this life, I ask you? Yesterday was horrendous, today promises worse and my big presentation meeting is scheduled for when I should be rolling on the floor screaming in agony. Oh, joy. So much to look forward to. And did I mention that I didn't even get dinner after working back late?

The only break from this unending horror were the Brothers Winchester (how many American fictional characters have been named after weapons: discuss). Steering well clear of the fandom, well, well clear, I'm just there for the pretty Jensen, and the stories. I noticed Richard Hatem was one of the EPs, so this is all I'm gonna get in the way of more Miracles, so I'm gonna take what I can get. And it's not too bad. The Bloody Mary story, one of those weird American things/culture/superstitions/customs that is never wholly explained for any dang foreigners who might be watching, but I get the gist (after a lifetime of US tv I should) and it was genuinely creepy, borrowing hugely from The Grudge as it did. That was a really good episode: good atmosphere, nicely dark, some attempt at character background. Basically the brothers arrive, locate bodgie, dispatch bodgie, rescue pretty girl and ride off into sunset (Supernatural and Shane: discuss).
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