October 7th, 2005


same bat time same bat channel

Oh dear. I nearly missed the bus today. Would have, too, if the driver hadn't been suddenly touched with kindness and waited while I hared across six lanes of traffic and up the hill. I didn't think I could run in this skirt. Turns out I can. More interesting times when it came for driver changeover. Yes, my route is so long we change drivers halfway through. Anyways, driver #2 staggers towards the bus, all beer barrel belly and gouty walk and I'm thinking uh oh, looks like he's still drunk from the night before. This is immediately confirmed when we shoot backwards for a block before he heaves on the anchors. Then we finally start heading forwards and I think 'at last', then I notice he's got the windscreen wipers going on a bright sunny day. Oh well, I got here in one piece, that's the main thing.

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