August 31st, 2005


coming of age in loompaland

Hell's bells. Between the three helicopters, the lines and lines of riot police and mounted police, who outnumbered protesters ten to one (shades of Peterloo, anyone?), big cars with blacked out windows going past with police escorts, the new traffic laws and blocked off streets, well, I managed to watch an entire episode of House before we'd move a block from the bus stop, and another before we got to Town Hall and two more on the way home. Which is a tad excessive, even by my standards. When I started up my last episode, still nowhere near home, I did start to wonder if I would ever get home, or how much longer the batteries would hold out. Dear, sweet wee telly. I should have gone completely insane otherwise. Certainly the chap sitting next to me was ready to start gnawing on his briefcase and that was before we'd cleared the QVB.

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