August 17th, 2005


humpty day

Well, I'm the middle of booking my flights, and in a wek with two plane crashes, no less. Girl without fear.

Or rather girl in mortal dread of what cycnus39 will do to her if she doesn't get those tickets in order, sharpish like. J

You'll have to ask my vcr how he enjoyed last night's tv as I didn't get much of a chance to watch anything last night (there was an ick factor). Weirdly, I wuld have been watching EC9, which I don't nomally watch, but Andrew Lincoln's latest ennded up there, and not the ABC (mercy!) so that's what I taped. I would have watched CSI and Taken, too, but it all sort of blurred together. Isn't it funny when it does that, you think you're watching the same programme, but you're not, but somehow you've made it make some sort of sense in your head.

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