March 15th, 2005

viggo: sod this


Just discovered to my utter horror and wrenching despair last night that the evil and slovenly fam (rubbish I failed to put out before I left was still there when I got back) had taken my tape out of the machine, so no catching up on telly for me. The fucktards had actually watched the shows they *knew* I wanted taped, but had never bothered to push the button. Arrrgh.

I know it's jst a couple of damn tv shows, but it's endemic of their lack of respect or care and I'm just so upset over this, like you wouldn't believe. It's hard after a month of being treated like a human being.

So, does anyone know where I can beg, borrow, steal or buy the following episodes:

Pilot (our version was 37 minutes in total, not 2 hours, so I suspect I missed bits)
Tabula Rasa
(yeah, I had these, but the disk went MIA, and now the tape was popped out and left on the table).

and Stargate:
Prometheus Unbound
Full Alert
Citizen Joe
Reckoning (1)
Reckoning (2)
Moebius (1)
Moebius (2)
Avalon (1)
Avalon (2)
Avalon (3)
The Ties That Bind

(some of these I missed due to EvilChannelSeven being tricksy, some have yet to be shown, maybe, I don't know what we're up to, but I know I've missed more than five episodes)

Please help. I'm feeling quite miserable and wretched about this.
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