February 21st, 2005


next stop: back to Scotland

Because I'm nuts, but mainly because in twisting myself around the family, I had to hea south quicker than anticipated, and I missed my favourite stops along the way. At least I'm going by plane, which I've found, to my surprise, is cheaper.

Yesterday I did Exeter Cathedral, whic was v.cool and quite bloody freezing outside, actually, and the little church at Bradninch, which was somehow cooler with the painted wood and, bonus, it's where Dan'l Boone's father was baptised. Don't know why, but the Dan'l Boone connection, in this wee village, tickles me. Though it used to be bigger before all the mills closed, apparently, hence the fancy fittings in the church.

Quite the ecclesiastical day out. Spent evening with Cousins and wee second cousins.