October 2nd, 2003


stranded far from home

I was a very good girl and posted another bit of my fic this morning (and a big wave to S. who's feeling poorly today). Today we actually got up to the scene that started the whole damn thing. It was not, as you might have thought, inspired by an over indulgence in the Lost World, et al. That came later. It began as a serious study into the tribe of the week and it was inspired by various Discovery travelogues.

The birdwatching scene, which was orginally entirely different, was inspired by Stephen Maturin and his ability to put scientific curiousity above all other concerns, especially the military/security concerns of his dear friend Jack, and his own personal safety, as Stephen is always falling off boats, getting lost and stranded, etc. He will also sample any local whacky weed going, all in the name of science you understand.

Yes, Stephen was based on our own Joey Banks, but it occured to me that there is the slightest resemblence in behaviours. Do Stephen and Jack remind you of any one, especially in the science versus navy arguments?

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