August 1st, 2003


sweet recreation barred

Heh. Decided to dress comfy today rather than freeze my tits off in some thin cotton work blouse again, seeing as how I'm in 'I'm miserable, I might as well be comfortable' mode. No, never fear, this isn't some more existential ennui, it's just that somebody decided to share their horrid germs with me, in a totally non consensual way, and just when I'd vowed to go and and get a life, too. I spent all last night aching and creaking and wheezing and sneezing and exploding vile humours from just about every orifice. Not fun.

So I decided, recinded casual Friday be damned, I'm rugging up warm today in my denim skirt and chunky jumper. Turns out it's some charity casual day (so much for my statement of individulality) so for a couple of gold coins nobody can comment on my slack arsed attire today. Keen!

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