July 10th, 2003


a dish best served with a cafe latte and charming company

There will be no boobies today. Yesterday I wanted to wear and show off my new favourite skirt, the caramel cord with the chunky chocolate stitching down the side (finally found a shop that sells sexy clobber for fat chicks - of course it was closing down, such is my life, but I still have the skirt) so I teamed it with the dark brown top I'd bought a while back. Influenced by too many classic movie channels, I saw this in a shop for cheap and just had to have it. It's like those tops they used to wear circa 1959-1961, you now, kind of straight across the shoulders, sleeves only to the elbows. Tres chic. It really needed a torpedo bra to go with it but I wore my padded t-shirt bra instead and as I'm all puffed up (hello pms) it was hello boobies and all the chaps on my floor stared. Too bad cause I'd have to hurt myself really badly before I had anything to do with a system or network guy. The problem was that around about 11am dark boiling coal black clouds rolled up from the south and the temperature plummeted and as my desk is pressed up against an enormous window - yay window - I froze, absolutely froze, little match girl froze, and I was stuck there til 6.30 pm, which might not sound late but I started at 6am. So today I'm in my thick black jumper which is almost too warm and there are no boobs to be seen today. I'm back to being frumpy and grumpy.

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