July 1st, 2003


JP3 fic rated MA Mature adults only m/m slash PWP WIP #7

Just a very tiny snippet today I'm afraid as I was too tired and miserable last night to write anything and I really should try and take my time and do a decent job of it. So I've hit another Acme blank spot. I should also apologise for a bit in yesterday's fic. I'm trying to stay with known bird behaviour but I just couldn't go past a good cattle mutilation. I hope you'll forgive the indulgence. Blame it on too much X Files at an impressionable age (yeah, right).

No infringement of the following characters and situations is intended.
Warning: Rated [MA] Mature Adults only. Contains adult themes
Title: Here there be Dragons
Series: Jurassic Park III
Status: WIP?
Author/pseudonym: Hellblazer
E-mail address: havisham06@yahoo.com
Rating: MA
Pairing: Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
Date: 18 June 2003
Disclaimers: The characters of Dr. Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, et al. are the property of Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and (in Alan's case) Michael Crichton. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes
Spoilers: Jurassic Park III
Summary: Going out on a limb here, ahem, as the boys deal with the scars from Isla Surna.

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don't make me angry...

It was tears before bedtime last night. In fact, while cleaning off my glasses I noticed it was quite a high tide of tears. I don't mean to be a simpering girlie girl but after giving them 300% it still wasn't enough. I was working 6-9 days without pay, left all alone to do an impossible amount of work on Deadline Day and constantly harrassed by cruel and bad tempered managers.

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