June 12th, 2003


who's sorrrrrrrry nooooow?

Watched a bit of Roswell, Buffy (Trick or Treat) then read some Raymond Chandler, wrote some, only two pages or so, but yay me, and bad, bad Chris - grin, then tea, more Buffy, Angel and Tipping the Velvet.

Buffy: It was the one where the nerds really mess with her, the whole obligatory Groundhog Day episode. I actually like this episode and as it pretty much describes my entire day today it's really having a lot of resonance. Et, tu, Pooter? Having an overload of Murphy's Law today, I swear I'm being messed with, I must be, inboxes are vanishing and people are swearing things that were there yesterday never were and my PC is crash happy and as Buffy said: Waaaah! My crank caller is also back and I've got to wonder why when after ten years I'm removing myself from the field of honour, ie going offline entirely aside from my lunch breaks. Hey, you won, bitch, leave my Aged Parent the fuck alone. Sheesh, some people, bad winners.

I also really love the Bond discussion in this episode. So sad that I actually know what they're talking about and yes, Moonraker is inexcusable, especially in regards to the pidgeon doubletake. I'm I'm giggling because the only reason to watch Licence to Kill is to ff through the Kenworth Truck bit on the extras, and don't try this if you're not an Ezra fan otherwise you just won't get it. It's the only reason I actually own the dvd. I have precious little Tony on dvd aside from that, his turn in Angel and, well, Return of the Killer Tomatoes and thanks to that dvd, for so long as I live, no matter if I order those painful art films my friends and rellies love so much for the rest of my life, amazon.com is still going to recommend Attack of the Killer Klowns everytime I log on. sigh. Mutter. Okay, ordering those MTS3K dvds prolly didn't help either. :)

After that it was the 'we love Fred' episode on Angel where Fred decides to stay in LA. Not so painful this time around because I've liked Fred since she dumped Gunn and flirted with Willow and the bell ringing was so cute (I learned to hate Gunn, Cordy and Connor though). The Wes/Fred starts here, alas.

Onto Tipping the Velvet. Much ado about nothing I'm afraid though I suppose it was a bit oooer for those used to more staid frockups from the Beeb. I must say Rachael is the spit of her Mum though, especially her eyes. She's certainly got her Mum's eyes. Doesn't have her classiness though, I'm afraid, and if I'd had to sit through Following in Father's Footsteps one more time I was going to run about mindlessly killing people (Profs/Bullshitters joke, trust me).

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