March 17th, 2003



After swearing to myself I wouldn't go and spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks to try and save my job that's exactly what I did. setting off at an obscenely early hour of the morning one hour long windy bus ride later found me at Borders, which I had to wait to open. Fortunately Borders had one last copy of the books I wanted. As a treat I also found another dvd of The Lost World, this time the pilot featuring Lani Tupu as the shifty guide you know is going to buy it as he leads them into the jungle. I mean, it's not only canon, it's tradition. Robert Colby also featured as dead meat so that was my quota od well known local actors making complete tits of themselves for that episode.

Came home and uploaded some more Sharpe fic. That Richard, such a slut. I'm very happy to have new fic from new authors to add to the archives though. after that I popped onto chat because they promised underwear discussions but because I was there it was all about Peeps. Offended people by inadvertently mentioning spoilers but I did also get a few ideas for my fic (more shagging is needed, apparently). Too bad people came in at 6.30 am (!) today so no writing. Bugger. No writing on Saturday either as I stayed online much longer than intended cause I was having fun. Once I'd scared everyone off I curled up on the couch to read the papers, which was bliss. I wasn't feeling well and an hour's being horizontal and cossetted by cushions was just sheer heaven.

Andromeda was the episode where Harper starts the revolution on Earth, but they lost me being so mindlessly pro-American. Not merely boring these days, it's downright offensive. It wasn't half as good as I'd been told it was, either. Tried to get to sleep but loud party nearby put paid to that. Caught up on a week's worth of tv instead. I can see why people are no longer bothered with Enterprise. I want to love the Scott but it's so damn...bland. And that 'move along now, nothing to see here' dodge over the implausible time travelling - they should be ashamed. Not that I wanted to sit through a ten minute droning technobabble lecture but the whole 'you wouldn't understand it' line, well, I know what would happen if I tried to use that one. Howls of derision, that's what.

crimson rosella

Sunday started actually grey and raining. Then the sun came out and when everything was still wet a crimson rosella, so called for its bright red and blue plummage, decided to pig out on the berries in one of our trees. I'm sorry the photo isn't clear but while he was happy enough to have me close, I didn't want to move too close. He was really going for those berries, hanging out on the thinest branches.

So I was delighting in a glistening raindropped garden and bright red birds when the new neighbours rocked up and started moving in, noisely. Much banging and crashing and shouting and loud music and hello, fibro houses here. You can only have your music up to 2 in a fibro house unless you want everyone in the block to hear it, which they did. Arrrgh. I've been spoilt by the house next door being empty these last few months. Spoilt, spoilt spoilt. Evil neighbours ruined my attempts to read papers with their constant crashing and shouting, ditto watching Roswell. Retreated to my room to watch telly up loud. Lost World, Adventure Inc (with Nigel from Relic Hunter!), Enemy at the Gates (which I like lots), AI (Speilberg had the sap up to 11, I didn't like it and it brought up all my serious adandonment issues, as I was dumped on relatives as a small child), Queen of Swords, featuring Pete this week and Strapped because as much as I loathe it had Michael Biehn being all golden in it and there was nowt else on at 1am while the neighbours still kept me up with their banging and crashing.

So here I am, about 40 mins of sleep under my belt, feeling really fluey, everyone is in and being noisey and so much for writing. Sigh.

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  • "And all but he departed" By LadyAnne [PG-13] (Dan Hagman/Richard Sharpe)

  • "And all but he departed" By LadyAnne [PG-13] (Dan Hagman/Richard Sharpe)

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