January 16th, 2003


The hills are alive...

Watched Buffy The Musical last night and this time round I actually didn't mind it. I still think they can't sing though. They should have done Farscape The Musical. those boys can rock. I guess I was happy because after a very crap day at work I went home early, watched Buffy then tried to catch up on some more sleep, waking up in time for Buffy (and Angel - it annoys me that they play the trailers in widescreen but the episode in pan and scan - less Wes that way).

I guess I'm just so happy for Alexis and Alyson. Yeah, I know, they're actors, why should I care? It's not like I've ever met them or anything, though I did get Alyson's autograph once. Maybe it's just because with all my friend's relationships are going to rack and ruin, it's lovely to hear about two people happy for a change, and either they're better actors than anybody gives them credit for or they're actually in love. They way they gush about each other, it's all in the details. It's not 'he bought me the most expensive thing', it's 'he buys me tampons'. Awwww. Now that's luuurve. It's so nice to see two actors I've been fond of for many a year all happy and giddy.

At least somebody on this world is.

No, I tell a lie. I meant to finish off yesterday saying that all that nasty con politics is just small potatoes and I don't care. I didn't care when I was riding the waves of some very heavy shit (earning me eternal emnity when I keep telling those petty game playing people to frell off out of my life) and I don't care now. Cause you know what? My dearest Cuz just had a bonny bubby boy and it's a blood thing cause babies usually leave me cold, but I just adore him to bits and bits, the way I adore my other second cousin Daniel. Cutie wuties.

Okay, I promise, I'll stop. I just think it's so cool, and it puts all my pettiness in its proper perspective.

I'm also feeling better because I'm actually sleeping, for the first time since May. You know how I've been whining that I've not been myself since May - it was the glasses, wholly the glasses, the ones they kept getting wrong until I was told to go away and live with it. Well, they were driving me nuts. Literally. They broke last week, just before the con, they way these things do, so I had to switch to spare pair, which while put in backwards (glass hanging out everywhere, most unattractive, but perfectly flush on my side, sigh) are at least the same prescription in both eyes. You ever had to sit through somebody's loud awful music? Remember how good it felt when it stopped? That's how my poor brain feels now. Still some residual twanging, but I should settle down. No more migraines 24/7, no more throbbing pain if I tried to read or watch tv, no more spending the whole night twitching and fitting and seeing things that aren't there. I thought I was going nuts but it's all stopped like it never happened the moment I changed glasses. It was a lot like what Clive was suffering on Second Sight so I figure that's the problem - I was frying my poor brain. Arrgh, one year of my life wasted in abject misery. And all my doctors wanted me to do was to take prozac and get married. It's was just the frelling glasses!

Oh well, that's one thing sorted. Now maybe I can write, though my inbox is full of urgents. I'm doing the work of five people here - not a lot of time for writing anything of worth. I'm not happy about it because I want to write - it would make me happy. Work is still going to be a problem. In fact one of my horoscopes said to stock up on the Frank Sinatra cds and the merlot, which is a worry because I was already into that over Xmas. Heh, apparently Frank and red wine is the cure for what ails Capricorns. Oh well, another year of what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I suppose I can do it. All, and I mean all, my horoscopes said the light at the end of the tunnel was finally getting overseas on that long saved for holiday with an older female friend who will be mentoring/nuturing. So either those shallow boys finally drive me into the arms of Tara (and who can blame Willow, really, and I miss Tara, lots) or my two best friends need to start saving as well (at least I see two or three candidates who fit the description) :D

A few other things I had to mention, but I've forgotten again. Oh well, at least I'm sleeping. I actually dreamt again last night. the usual everyone's hunting me because they hate me stuff but I was also trying to find the Sandman. You're thinking how very Neil Gaiman of me, but it wasn't, quite. Always hunting the Sandman. He's like my white rabbit.

Well back to work before my inbox is completely covered in red coloured emails. Heh. They all came in after I went home. I don't care. I need my sleep, I've nearly a year to catch up on.

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  • Not as much flak from my con report as I'd expected. Not going to apologise. Yes, I was grumpy and cranky. No, I did not appreciate being made to feel like shite. And if certain actors don't like the rumours being spread about their con behaviour then perhaps they should stop adding fuel to the fire and stop behaving like they're on Temptation Island. I mean, really. I can certainly see where the tales sprang from, true or not - it's not my place to say, I'm just saying what I saw.

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  • Just caught my reflection, and I'm looking slightly rough. Still with the panda eyes, though you can't tell behind the hideous glasses. I was going for something like ironic Morrisey style glasses but I really just look like a plump 60s era Barbara Gordon. Which kinda works for me. Plus I'm wearing my loud printed shirt. I love my loud shirts much more than my shirts of muted hues, which is why I'm wearing them now, when there's no one else here to comment or complain.

    It's all too frelling sad. I'm here, I'm inspired, I'm alone and I've got an in tray full of ugents. Damn and blast. I'd much rather be easing one of my ideas into being than attending to the egos of management. Sigh.