October 1st, 2002


birds certainly do it

No fic today, some of you will no doubt be relieved to discover, others disappointed. No tv reviews either because I went straight to bed yesterday. Well, okay, I watched Rodders in that dreadful Arnolt movie again, then I set the timer and went to bed. I really feel crappy. I have arranged a treat for you today though. Several people have startled me by not knowing what a lorikeet or a currawong were, so I'm posting some piccies I took last night, as well as a pic of my blooming bottle brush, of which I'm so proud. It's its first flowering. I apologise for the quality of said pics but while the birdies are happy to frolic at my feet going "feed me, feed me, feed me" the moment I whip out a camera they go all A-Lister on me. Bastards.

magpierainbow lorikeets
rainbow lorikeetcurrawong
rainbow lorikeetsbottle brush

If you think my bottle brush is pink, the camera doesn't do it justice. It's pinker, though it's been faded terribly by the sun since Friday. I am however my usual roasty pink, and that's with a hat and sunblock. I'm peeling so much I swear people think I have leprosy.

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