September 5th, 2002


cut n paste

Wednesday evening: I just spent half an hour doing the silliest thing and having the most silly girly fun I've had since 1986. The WB has an enormous poster of Tom Welling you download, print out on seperate pages and stick together, jigsaw like. I do this with maps at work all the time. Tom be much more fun. So I downloaded it, printed it out in b/w because the colour printer at work is kaput, ditto my one at home which would probably have strong words to say about being asked to print out a 12kb file anyway, none of them printable. So there I was cutting and sticking and now a large Tom collage adorns my door. Just like old times, and the prettiest boy to grace the door since the 80s (the last time I had anyone up there). Frivolous, silly fun. But I have Tom on my door, so not a total waste of time and resources.

It's officially Spring. Walked halfway home (yet another lout screamed from his car that my walking regime had yet to show any real effect, but I refused to let his unsolicited critique upset me too much. At least he didn't unrinate on me like that guy did once). So I staggered home (carrying crap from my soon to be abandoned desk in my backpack) and sat under the trees in my relocated garden seats, got shat on my the birds (no mulberry shampoos today, at least) weeded my pots, cut branches off my morte lavender to dry in my room.

Was having a discussion on the sidelining of Daniel (see comments). Remember once upon a time might wasn't always right on Buffy and Stargate? When book learning had a respected and useful place, often providing an equal part of the solution? Somehow on both shows the action orientated hero has become rudely opinionated, unlikeable, always quick to action and obnoxiously dismissive of the advice of their more educated friends. The intellectuals are sidelined, belittled, trashed in every way, dumped on and killed off. Ditto on Angel, for that matter. So, what the hell is going on? Why are louts cool and why is it open season on anyone with an IQ in triple digits? It's a most alarming trend, especially as I watched these shows because the nerds often saved the day. It was wish fulfilment for library nerds.

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  • Thursday Morning: No fic bit today. I ran into one of the few people left in this town who a) reads this crap and b) is still taking to me and we chatted instead. Nice change though this means I only have two mornings left. Maybe three, if I'm lucky.

    While walking home yesterday, and it's much more crowded on the footpath walking home from work (or rather Dad's old work, where I get off the bus) than it ever was walking home from the station _ never saw anybody, ever. Anyways, I let these lads get ahead of me because they are anxious not tobe seen with the fat chick, and I entirely understand. So they're walking ahead and I'm brining up the rear, and every dog starts barking as I go past. Not a peep before. Much carrying on when I pass? Ultimate proof I'm the anti-christ, perhaps? Of course once I get within 4 blocks of home the birds start trailing me. Maybe I just scream 'stop me and ask for snacks' instead. At least animals are only nasty to you for a reason. I know why my birds are cranky - no garden. I never thought they'd give a shit, but they do - lots of large purple ones. Thanks ever so much. One of my currently lying face down nude statues looks like he has the runs, because the birds have been using his formerly shiny white (and ever so perky) butt for target practice. That's just wrong.

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