August 30th, 2002


thank fuck it's friday

Buffy repeats, S4. The boinking episode. Watching Anya and a rather thin Xander hack through the evil vines reminds me rather too much of hacking through one of my own demonic vines out of its spot. You know, one of those plants they call a sturdy shrub suitable for pots, which I've learnt is nursery speak for man eating monster jungle vine, do not let this beast escape whatever you do. Two thirds of this poor vine are still wrapped around the back steps - I deeply suspect it is the only thing holding up the back steps. I hope what's left of the jungle vine survives where I replanted it, in that dank corner mother formerly used as a midden that she said I could put my poor plants. It had the prettiest blue flowers.

MASH: Henry's giving a sex lecture again. Always a classic.

Just saw a report on this new reality version of the Beverly Hillbillies they're doing. The tiny little rich bitches hosting the show were laughing at the idea of dumb white trash stuck in a big house. That's just so mean. My rich now estranged friends laughed at me all the time because I never knew how to conduct myself. And the BHB was never mean, they were the heroes of the episode. It was always the rich people who were the real idiots.

Ack. She got me again in the shower. Didn't know I was in there my arse. For one thing, you can hear our rusty pipes groaning two suburbs away and for second, did my clutching a towel and announcing I was off to take a shower mean nothing?

And I was in a good mood, too, because it's Jack night. No, not that curmudgeon in Stargate (General Hammond and Colonel Jack O'Neill are Grumpy Old Men), no, it's Jack Bauer tonight.

Eeep, all the chaps I'll have watched tonight (including he who shall not be named in that show on that channel which I managed to get home for today and it was so worth it) will be from the 80s. I swear my life has come full circle, and not just stood still. I worked in the city and I travelled overseas. Those are two non loser ticks. Okay, I'm not married, I don't own a car or a house. Loser, loser, loser. I could probably get married next week if I wanted, but I kind of want a guy with some social skills and who earns more than I pay in tax. I know that's a big ask, hell, three years ago I didn't earn as much as I now pay in tax, but if a guy wants to be my kept boy he's gonna have to offer more than what's currently on the table. I don't need a boat anchor, I really don't. I guess there's a word for women like me: spinster.

I still can't find my Smallville tape, dammit. I was hoping it had fallen behind the tv when the bookcase fell over (my room ain't square, it's abstract) but no. It's nowhere. Sigh. Pout. I'll have to tape less cut versions when it comes onto cable. I can't write fic based on the Ch9 versions. I'l be laughed out of the fandom.

Stargate: Such a good Daniel episode, and one of the last, sniff. Jack is just plain mean to Daniel throughout. I've tried to be in denial about this but I just can't. He's a bastard. J/D is over, never mind the ascension. The good natured bickering has gone, to replaced with mean spirited snide remarks and threats of vilence. And it could have been so good, the lines could have been read as teasing, and Jack did save, or thought he was saving Daniel. But the obvious animosity between the two leads just bleeds into every scene. I know some J/D lists ban actor discussion, but when two b-grade actors are unprofessional enough to let whatever problems they're having spill into the episodes via line delivery and body language, how can you not? I mean, a great deal of what makes SV and I Spy so much fun to watch is the fact that the two leads like each other. Especially in I Spy, where the two remained life long friends, and it shows. And when two actors fall out, it shows. This was a good episode, and I'll give it a B+, but it could have been an A++ if not for the unprofessional sneering and eye rolling of those two. Just my opinion, but considering MS walked off the show, something was very wrong and I don't think I'm just imagining it.

24: My poor Jack is now on the run, and worse, they didn't kill his annoying wife and daughter. The poor man just can't get a break. Oh yeah, and Keifer was at his snarly best, as usual.

Dark Angel: The more treacherous Alex becomes, the more I like him. I'm such a sick puppy. And speaking of puppies, Joshua is still searching for Father. Oh good grief. I realise that the demographic DA is aimed at weren't even born when Beauty and the Beast was made, ouch, but surely there are such things as re-runs and plagarism laws. I mean, holy moly. They even had the candles out tonight. I could hear the treacly theme music swelling in my head.

Mutant X: Still rivaling the Bold and The Beautiful and VIP for the most crap acting on the box at the moment, and Evil Andy Warhol is still most disquieting, though he seems to have gone for a Willow flick today. Tommorrow the Farrah, I presume. ah, when bad soap actors get super powers, film at 10:30. Worse, I get the same episode twice a week on two different stations. What gives - and can I have the same arrangement for MB's chessy new show (and MX stablemate)?

I heard on the Bean Zine that they're making Ronin into a tv series. Heh, it sounds so very A Team. MB ought to sign up for that, he'd be perfect.

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  • Apologies for the late posting, had another run in with the (cue Imperial March) Marketing Dept. Think of me as Mulder and then as CSM and his cohorts and you'd not be far wrong. In fact some of my run ins with marketing depts past actually ended up in...but that's another story. Wonder what GM's doing these days. I miss the Monday (my time) chats. And just when I thought I could breathe I'm being moved up to L10 next week. Arrrgh, my post card collection (that covers my cubby hole), and what if people up there get in early - when will I type up my fic then? Will I have to rock in at 4am? Will my teapot stand another move? Ack ack ack. When will this year be over? That Balinese witch on the beach really did curse me, and curse me good. No garden, no quiet time and no Smallville tape. Enough already. I give in, I give up, I surrender, I'll wave the white flag.