June 21st, 2002


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Page of the day: The Ezra Standish Library

Silly pic of the day: The Wedding Party from Stargate: The Illustrated Companion.

Drool pic of the day: Glamour May 2002 UK: Tom Welling

Anyways, thoroughly enjoyed my double dose of Stargate last night.

First up 2001. Another Black Widow Sam episode (hey, she musta kissed
Danny under the mistletoe at the last Xmas party afterall) but better
than most. Cute Danny stuff - Danny actually doing something
important, whoo. Poor Teal'c as Daniel's keeper - took another 70
years or so off he big guy's life again, I reckon. Jack being smart
under the guise of being stupid, rather than just being stupid for a
change and Dishy, dishy Jack in uniform going to Washington and
giving me evil x-over giggles. Especialy when they mentioned the
President was under pressure because of the re-election campaign.
Damn Jed and his MS! Wonder how Jed & Jack fell out (or at least,
according to EvilScumBastardKinsey, anyway). Oh oh Chongo, kill those
plot bunnies multiplying at my feet. (punt) :)

Children of the Gods Part 2. Naughty Danny, getting in all manner of strife. Nice Jack/Kowalsky slashiness (and next week - whoo). Still with the Jack NAMBLA thing with Skaara too. Stop it, or at least wait
a couple of years, jeez. Lotsa Jack/Teal'c too (hey, after the
betrothal scene last week I was noticing - grin).

Weirdly, enjoyed Enterprise this week, too. Yeah okay, so saying I only taped it for my Scotty fix ain't helping matters either but what can I say, watching SB has always cheered me up, dunno why, just does, and he worked his usual magic this week, though the frequent stage directions to bend over in that tight little outfit of his didn't hurt a bit. Whoo, boy, he's still got it. I'm warming to Trip, too. The dear boy, he was going crook about always being cut off (in this cause by the ever pissy Vulcans, again) when Channel Nine cut the poor lad off in mid sentence to shove us another commercial. Aw, the poor wee laddie.

Been a lot of press here and abroad lately about evil women what have jobs and never have children. I'll spare you my rant, cause you've had enough of those lately, and paraphrase with first you gotta get the money, then you get the man. Or at least, to meet a guy, it costs money these days if one is poor to start with (clothes, transport, tickets, dinner) and to get the money to do that a girl's gotta work and to get a good job a girl's gotta study...and there went my life. The fact that my Dad blessed me with a fat arse and a smart mouth hasn't helped matters any, and all the guys I know: gay, gamers or, worse, both. K

Okay, today's fic bits: Jack

    He'd lost track of the time, sitting here in the dark. He guessed maybe two days had passed, but that was only a rough estimate. He usually had a pretty good internal clock, but that was set to earth time, and he couldn't remember how long the days and nights lasted here for the life of him. All he knew was that he was tired, he was hungry and he was very fed up with the whole situation. Stuck here in the dark, sitting on a dirt floor, it reminded him of past times, times he didn't want to dwell on, but the memories would surge up, a muscle memory of being tired and sore and kept in the dark like this and he hated it and he couldn't make the memories go away. It even smelt and sounded the same: sweaty bodies moving outside, smoke from cooking fires, bursts of laughter.

    The heavy tree bark which guarded the doorway was dragged aside and under spearpoint a bowl of...something was pushed towards him. Jack took the bowl and nodded to his captors as they watched. He sniffed it experimentally. Okay, shouldn't have done that. It turned his empty stomach. He dipped a finger in and tasted it. He wondered if it was poisoned or safe to eat, but then he decided he was too hungry to care. They were human and it seemed to have been scooped out of a communal pot, so how bad could it be? He scooped out a portion onto his fingers and licked at it. Meat, there was meat in this grey-brown glop. For one hideous moment he thought it might be Daniel.

    He dug out a scrap of meat from the glutinous stew, glaring at it suspiciously. He sniffed at it, he prodded at it and then, under the amused supervision of his captors, he touched his tongue to it. It didn't taste like Daniel. Not that he knew what Daniel tasted like, well, he did, but not like this and he was pretty sure Daniel didn't taste like week old chicken or if he did it was horribly ironic.

    Deciding that keeping his strength up was the main priority now, he swallowed it, trying not to chew to prolong the flavour, and managed a twisted smile for his audience. They murmured amongst themselves and shut him in his adobe prison again.

    Jack settled down against the wall and shovelled his weird tasting dinner down as fast as it would go, wishing he had something to chase it down with. Daniel had taken him once, and only once, to an authentic Chinese restaurant. A little too authentic for Jack's American palate. Whatever he'd just eaten now tasted like something he'd accidentally eaten then. He had no idea. Daniel had ordered the entire meal in whatever local dialect the waiter had spoken and when Jack had asked him what the hell had been set before them on steaming plates Daniel had just smiled that smartarse smile of his and dared Jack to eat it, with only a twinkle in his eyes.

    Jack leant forward, willing his stomach to digest whatever shit he'd just shoved in it. Fuck, but he missed Daniel. He'd never realised before how just having Daniel nearby, just close enough to reach out and touch in the dark, made the worst kind of captivity bearable.

    There was a lot of noise outside. Feeding time at the zoo, he guessed. He hoped he wasn't next on the menu. The horrible image of the old witch fattening up Hansel and Gretel suddenly sprang into his mind. Man, had he really read Charlie such gruesome stuff as bedtime stories? No wonder the little tyke had always been crawling into their bed with nightmares.

    The sudden pang of loss hit him again and he really began to hate sitting here in the dark. There was nothing between him and his memories and he couldn't think of a damn one that wasn't a kick in the guts. He'd do anything for a safe, warm bed to crawl into himself right now.

And now Ezra, in evil mode:

    Mary gripped the edge of the table to steady herself.

    "You can't."

    "I just did."

    "How could -"

    "Simple. It's just business. The paper was struggling. I paid off your debts. Legally, now, I'm the primary shareholder. I own all your markers."

    "You. You want to run this paper?" Her eyes blazed with anger.

    Ezra paused to casulally flick over the latest issue.

    "You misunderstand me, my dear. I didn't say I wanted to run the paper. That job I will leave in your very capable hands. I simply own the paper, and as such I make one, and only one request upon your editorial policy.

    Her eyes narrowed.

    Ezra smiled, gold tooth flashing, running a hand a long the printing press. "Just quash any stories that might not be favourable to myself or my associates."

    "You want to gag the free press?"

    That crocodile smile again. "Nothing in this life is free, Mary. Without me there would be no paper. Not in a couple of months, anyway. I'm keeping your husband's paper alive, with only one, small condition. Those are my terms. Take it or leave it."

    "What if I leave it?"

    "Then I'll just bring someone else in to run the paper," he announced simply.

    Mary scowled. "I wonder if Chris knows what a viper he has in his nest."

    "Oh, I'm sure Mr Larabee knows. Everyone in this town has always known I was no good since the day I rode in here." He paused, tinkering with the type. "I gave you your chance, Mary, yet you persisted in your thinly veiled vendetta against me. What you wrote about my businesses, it wounded Buck, and I couldn't have that."

    "So you've taken over my paper."

    "Yes. I consider it my first bold step into publishing enterprises. What do you think? I have great plans for this town, and an aspiring politician needs a favourable press."

    "I despise you."

    "I know. I'd hoped to settle our differences less, much less brutally than this. I admire you, Mary, I always have. You're an intelligent woman who speaks her mind, but you spoke out of turn and I couldn't let your slander continue."

    "Everyone will know - they'll know what you are."

    "Ah, but it will just be your word now, won't it. Just gossip. It won't have the authority of the printed word, and all I did was help out a friend, financially. In gratitude for saving my life."

    "You bastard."

    Ezra smiled. "Quite so," he agreed, and left her to fume. He knew there'd be rumblings from this, but in time the town would move onto a new scandal, and with any luck, Ezra now had the means to create that diversion.

Yeah, he's a bad lad but my Ezra is never entirely reformed and he has ambition, and Mary has been a bitch, or will be a bitch to him, in scenes I've not yet written. Trust me, she did (or will) go some way to earning Ezra's emnity.


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Just made the guy in the nearest little bookshop laugh out loud because I was so pouty over spending $200 of my own money on computer books that I'll never enjoy or understand and if by some miracle I ever manage any degree of adequacy we'll just swap to another system, which is why I'm crap in lots of stuff and proficient in none. Bugger. At least I can play the no money/gotta study card this weekend.

Haven't heard from Friend T today, I guess she had to go stick those forks in her eyes as promised. Hey, she dared me to find pics of Ezra in a dress. Too easy. She was hoping it was some sick fan fic thing, but no, disturbing as it is, Ezra did drag up for one episode, and didn't they just love teasing me about that at an Escapade past. Trust muggins here to end up in a room full of Vin fans. Still, it is amusing to watch the scene where Chris and Vin stand there smiling, watching Ezra walk down the steps, imagining what the boy would look like in a dress. Ya gotta wonder.

In some ways M7 was the last great classic slash show because you just don't really get a lot of shows applying sterotypical gay behaviour to a character and then hoping nobody noticed, aside from Angel. In these slash aware days characters are either out or hetrosexual, there's not a lot of playing and winking any more. I dunno, I guess I'm a fan of the old nudge nudge wink wink school of on screen slashiness because it's what I'm used to, from the oft quoted 70s standards like Trek and Starksky & Hutch to such TV1 staples as Get Smart (watch a Hymie episode - how that got past my gaydar so long I'll never know) to all the Brit stuff I endured as a child. Mind you, there's still a lot of winking going on over at the Cartoon Network. Justice League constantly amuses, playing on the classic slash premise of Hero A getting his knickers in a considerable twist over concern for Hero B. Bedside virgils and hand holding a bonus. Which brings me back to Buck. Like I said, Magnificent Seven was a classic.

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