May 7th, 2002


the fan calls at...9pm

I think my irritability is being pepped up by the dreaded office lurgy I seem to have finally sucumbed to. Apparently it laughs at this year's flu shot, so not need to feel guilty about not getting around to that yet. But you don't want to hear about my state of unwell.

Nor am I supposed to talk about peoples who are all getting miffed at being mentioned in dispatches. Not that you wouldn't know if they were figments of my swampy mind or not. I mean, I have photos, but are those photos real? Ah, philosophy, such a wank. I actually took philosophy at uni (poncy poncy). Dad recommended it as a course filler that would do me no harm, and he was right. The weird part is that I posted my highest uni marks ever in philosophy without ever trying. I suppose I really am full of shit. J

I did however entertain a friend in my PJs last night. Sound terribly decadent but it's actually terribly sad. Having had a long hard day, followed up by another white knuckle bus ride home - this time the bus driver seemed to have an alarming red green colour blindness when it came to traffic lights, I did the shopping then slouched off home. Had dinner, mercifully already ready to go and then slunk off to bed with nothing more exciting planned than hot milo and nekkid Spike.

I did enjoy the impromptu visit though. A quick test of the quality of a PAL conversion of Smallville turned into an eye candy oggling session. I gotta say, Smallville breaks straight from the gate with the mouth to mouth, rather than saving it for an end of season/show treat (Sentinel, Due South), or not at all like in Stargate where Jack rouses Daniel from full arrest with a slap across the face, like Daniel's some Victorian heroine who's just fainted (well...).J The CPR they practice at the SGC is obviously not like our Earth CPR.J

See, talking tv. Nice and safe. Yeah, right. Like I can't get myself into trouble just talking about Lex & Clark.




I just popped across to Westfield at lunch, at great personal peril to my person, and picked up a copy of the latest issue of SFX, which does indeed have the much promised Smallville cover.

I'm looking at the infamous 'Clark as trade' photo right now. Mmmmmm. And the captions from the Couch Potato bit had me shrieking with laughter, which is never a good thing when one works in a cloister like office of repressed and silent people.