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Ack. Just found out my long waited for Anthony Starke episode of CSI has been binned. Yes, I do get two hours of Smallville, but still. Channel Nine giveth, Channel Nine taketh away.

Bloody hell it's cold. Not as cold as it used to be when I was a little kid, with thick frosts that would last well into the morning, but certainly the coldest winter I've shivered through in over a decade. Yeah, I know Dubya says there ain't no such thing as global warning but considering the last time I saw a solid, regular frost around here was the early 70's, well, yes. I'm cold cold cold. I have no warm clothes because, well, I've not needed any for like, fifteen years or so. Can't really wear my holidays in a cold climate clothes either because they're holiday clothes. Guess I'll have to bite the budget and try and go shopping for a warm top or two this Thurs - lately I've been kept in until well after the shops close, which is 4.30 pm, but I am out in the boonies now. I hate that. Want something - can't buy it. I should be saving money but I get cranky and blow it all on boxed sets from Blackstar. Oops. So cold it's hard to type. I'm all fumbled fingered but I did get a few pages typed up, mainly M7#7.



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