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Orange poppy seed cake is bird crack. Bro had bought home a cake the other day but I was in no fit state to eat it and by the time I was it was a solid lump so I tossed it out to the birds to pick over. Oops. Ever seen one of those traditional British village football games where there are no rules, over a hundred men a side and the match goes on all day? Like that.

One of my drunk of fermenting berries currawongs also knocked over and broke one of mother's horrid garden knick knacks. I'll probably come home one day this week and find the birds poisoned and a hole in the ground where the mighty she oak used to be. Sigh.

I probably have much better things to do with my life than watch old Starsky & Hutch episodes, but right now I couldn't think of any, especially as I was tired and poor and it was so damn campy. Just watch the opening credits. Oh, my. So the boys were on some remote carribean island - actually the Buffy backlot with a few potted palms thrown about. Better yet - voodoo! And the voodoo guy was twining his S&H poppets together in such compromising positions that I was sure I was gonna burst something if he 69'd them. And it just got better and better. Of course they must have known what they were doing but it was so sweetly old school slash, winking at those in on the joke and sailing over the heads of the truly dimwitted mundanes who have no idea. It was all innocent, silly fun, from a more closeted age, not at all like the knowing and calculated taunting that goes on over at Angel.

Then I decided to watch the pilot of Magnificent Seven again just for research purposes. Really. How cute and pretty my boys all were. Yum. And I'd forgotten Darragh was in it. There are my magnificent boys and there's Sharpe's ever faithful Sgt Harper. When world's collide.

Just wanted to sort the canon from the fanon. Contrary to popular belief, Ezra gets over his objection to Nathan within minutes, and this really makes Nate the bitch queen in that relationship. And I'd forgotten the gorgeous scene where pretty pretty Chris peels himself off an underwear clad and very enthusiastic Buck claiming people will talk. Oh my. Chris is in town a day and already has eyebrows raised and tongues wagging. Giggle. Then Chris takes his new pretty boy, Vin, out to watch the sunset. The tart. He's just flaunting it in poor Buck's face. Cause Buck, he's still holding a big ol torch for Chris, and who can blame him.

And Ez. My darling Ez. Getting all the girly jobs to do, again (there a lovely scene in Inmate 78, aside from a barechested and manacled to the bed Chris, where the lads stop by a general store and they're all checking out the guns and Ezra heads straight for the clothes rack. The dear boy).

After that treat I cracked open my UFO. Yes, it probably cost as much as my text books and then some if I do the conversion but as Battlestar isn't being released for a year and there was nothing more I wanted (that was for sale) on earth right now that that UFO box set, I bought it. And yikes - 1969 colour! The copies I'd taped off tv years and years ago were all old and washed out. And, I'm so embaressed to admit this, but I was the first Initiative episode of Buffy yesterday and I never spotted what a deliberate rip from Identified it was until I played it and Bro and I were cringing - how could we have missed it? It was such a shout out and I totally missed it. Me, the lifetime UFO fan. How dreadfully embaressing. We decided the Initiative should have had more big hair and groovy 1969 plastic furniture.

Going through my old Daredevil collection this morning and I found several written by Kevin Smith. Huh. Well, that explains the whole Ben Affleck debacle.



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