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Orlando: Woman's Day: 20 September 2004 AU

Daniel: NW 20 September 2004 AU

links from sliverthoughts, bean_daily and google:

  • Alfie
  • A Cad for All Seasons?
  • Six Jude Law films to open in four months
  • Sean Bean
  • Sean Bean
  • Sharpe
  • Batman Faces Off
  • 'Faster' tracks the highs, lows of MotoGP (Ewan)
  • Barging into a marriage
  • Greetings From Sin City
  • Skycaptain review
  • 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead' thoughtfully tackles the motivation behind revenge
  • Expect the unexpected
  • A bright future for Dark Marc
  • AVP and APOCALYPSE Now (Sean)
  • Vanity Fair is pretty but vacant
  • Kimora Lee & Co. to chew the phat (James)
  • Enduring Love
  • Hard to find comfort from this 'Mother'
  • Soulful to Stalker
  • Film Review: Wimbledon
  • 40-Love, Actually
  • Paul in Marie Claire magazine
  • Dunst offended by co-star's bad language
  • The Best Movies We've Never Seen
  • Brits drop by for a bit; Yanks still party hearty
  • Convincing study of ego in collapse
  • New Rumours Concerning The Next James Bond Actor
  • Scott To Play Bond
  • Dougray Scott tipped as Bond
  • We've Lost Power -- clip from film
  • I'm Sky Captain -- clip from film
  • Working with Blue Screen -- interviews and stuff
  • The Director's Vision -- interviews and stuff
  • Sky Captain world premiere
  • Viggo
  • Marathon man
  • For sale: Bond, secret agent with licence to make $1bn
  • Film deal for Hawaii Five-O
  • Mortimer 'delighted' to find 'love child'
  • The new Bennifer
  • Pop powerhouse unplugged
  • The dawn of punk
  • Saints wild in the west
  • Next movie monsters
  • Prime time gay deluge
  • Not so FAB, Virgil
  • Thunderbirds are go, puppets are gone
  • Tragedy of the successful actor who set herself such high standards
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