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Forgot to mention the other week I was admiring the turning leaves on the she oak and it just went 'foom!' - like, dropped all its leaves on me in one orange and yellow burst. Now it's entirely bare, even denuded of berries by the currawongs.

My fave currawong was perched above me while I was mourning over my dead plants this afternoon. Lost another dozen or so this week alone. They just up and die. It's a mystery to me (like Inspector Morse, I suspect somebody dunnit). No grubs for my currawong either. She's been so tame lately, but I wouldn't want her to actually sit on my shoulder - not with those talons. Her father had the most lethal mutant hairy talons. He was the currawong that nearly killed me and probably did kill Feathers, my tame magpie, that afternoon. I never saw Feathers again after he attacked us on the back steps. Weird that I should raise his offspring but they're not all bad birds. Some are downright cute. I've taught one of them to eat grapes - it rally loves its grapes.

Been watching a show, usually just to write to while it's on, but I've been following it over the weeks. New season and new writers I assume because everyone has turned into pod people and years of continuity, plot threads and build up have just been mown over in a matter of minutes. It's most distressing, even as a casual viewer. I'd heard there were major cast changes before it was cancelled and now I see why. Yikes. This is really bad. I barely care about the show and I'm grinding my teeth over the callous disregard for character history and previous seasons of build up for no payoff whatsoever. Plot arc? we don't need no stinking plot arc. It's like watching another show, a franchise, some horrible half arsed spinoff. when half decent shows go bad. I hate it when that happens.



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