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Just made the guy in the nearest little bookshop laugh out loud because I was so pouty over spending $200 of my own money on computer books that I'll never enjoy or understand and if by some miracle I ever manage any degree of adequacy we'll just swap to another system, which is why I'm crap in lots of stuff and proficient in none. Bugger. At least I can play the no money/gotta study card this weekend.

Haven't heard from Friend T today, I guess she had to go stick those forks in her eyes as promised. Hey, she dared me to find pics of Ezra in a dress. Too easy. She was hoping it was some sick fan fic thing, but no, disturbing as it is, Ezra did drag up for one episode, and didn't they just love teasing me about that at an Escapade past. Trust muggins here to end up in a room full of Vin fans. Still, it is amusing to watch the scene where Chris and Vin stand there smiling, watching Ezra walk down the steps, imagining what the boy would look like in a dress. Ya gotta wonder.

In some ways M7 was the last great classic slash show because you just don't really get a lot of shows applying sterotypical gay behaviour to a character and then hoping nobody noticed, aside from Angel. In these slash aware days characters are either out or hetrosexual, there's not a lot of playing and winking any more. I dunno, I guess I'm a fan of the old nudge nudge wink wink school of on screen slashiness because it's what I'm used to, from the oft quoted 70s standards like Trek and Starksky & Hutch to such TV1 staples as Get Smart (watch a Hymie episode - how that got past my gaydar so long I'll never know) to all the Brit stuff I endured as a child. Mind you, there's still a lot of winking going on over at the Cartoon Network. Justice League constantly amuses, playing on the classic slash premise of Hero A getting his knickers in a considerable twist over concern for Hero B. Bedside virgils and hand holding a bonus. Which brings me back to Buck. Like I said, Magnificent Seven was a classic.

    The Librarian's Web Dilemma

    How do libraries give adults a free run of the Internet while shielding children from material that may be inappropriate?



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