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Stuff that took my eye today (yes, I am avoiding coding - I hate it):

    Legends of a Lost Tribe's Origin
    In Part 3 of her three-part series on the origins of a group of people in America's Appalachian Mountains, Kristen Philipkoski takes a look at
    the legends.

    Gap of Silence Getting Louder
    As a number, 18-1/2 may be as identifiable as 3.14, 98.6, and 56 (for
    baseball fans). It's the number of minutes a key Watergate tape was
    mysteriously erased -- and the race to un-erase has never been so hot.
    By Tom McNichol from Wired magazine.

    US to film British 'Friends with sex'
    A BBC Two sitcom which was criticised when it launched two years ago as a blatant attempt to ape the success of Friends, has been bought by NBC

    MoD cast off my husband, says Gulf War widow
    The widow of a British Gulf War veteran who died from an illness that is claimed to have links to the 1991 conflict told a US congressional hearing sitting of her late husband’s suffering

    A Vigorous Skeptic of Everything but Fact

    Paul Kurtz, publisher of the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, is turning his attention to the proliferation of the paranormal in movies and on television.

    Hanford lawsuits given new life after court reverses ruling
    Thousands of Washington, Oregon and Idaho residents excluded from a lawsuit that claimed they were sickened by secret radioactive releases from Hanford during the Cold War can...

    Checked-bag inspections to start soon
    Millions of airline passengers will soon be asked to open their checked bags for explosives inspection, federal officials said yesterday as they outlined plans to complete the...[this reminded me of all my US pals who laugh at our customs for pouncing on them for the crime of having a rogue orange about their person. Who's laughing now, eh? Our Customs keep us safe from evil salamis, and other stuff, I guess, in the pursuit of foot and mouth, etc. Hey, I have Dept of Ag connections, it's a high horse of mine, keeping out proscribed pests, and hey, you search for one, you catch others, methinks.]

Heh, off writing some more J/D. I just need time and a certain reasonable amount of privacy and quiet to get this done, because the story is coming easily. It should, it's a jumble of tired old ripoffs I've been wanting to play with for ages, from the Lost World to Land of the Lost, with a bit of Danger Island thrown in for good measure. I can do this, it's easy. It's entirely unoriginal, but since when has that bothered TPTB over at Stargate? I'm having fun and that's the main thing. I don't want to rush through this and skip scenes. Okay, if I'm still writing it when That Episode rolls around I'll tape it with the tv off and watch it apres story. That'll work.

Not that I've been ignoring my other boys. It's just that Buck and Ezra have been, ahem, and them ahem some more, and well, they've just been going at it like randy little buggers, being in the first flush of whatever they want to call it and for that you'll just have to read the fic when I'm done, won't you J.



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