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Friend came over last night for an exchange of prisoners, ie returning loaned tapes, and stayed for Buffy & Angel on Fox8 (I was watching something else but we won't go into that here). She saw me in my bright pink clown pants, ie the pyjama bottoms that make me look like I'm off to audition for the next Doctor Who and she outed me as a Wes slasher to my Aged Parent - here's hoping the senility kicks in but it never does when you need it. Old bastards are funny like that. Steel trap when it comes to embaressing disclosures. So, at any rate, I reckon we're even - grin. It was fun though, a chance to gossip and MST3K Angel, back in the days when it was just three and Wes worshipped Angel so. It was the first episode of S2, where Wes finally plucks up the courage to take Angel to the gay demon bar he's been hanging out in J. Awwww...

Also watched back last night's Angel. I'm loving the dark Wes arc. Alexis is so good. I've always been a fan, but he was just cute in Sharpe. Now he's rather marvellous. He's come a long way as an actor. Oh yeah, loving the Wes plot. This was the spoiler I read about that time way back when after a cute Wes epi I looked up the Defenders of Wesley for the first time in a while to see how the lad was going and eep. Especially as I had to wait six weeks or so before the next episode aired in the US, just to hear if Wes was still kicking or not. I'd really like to see how it plays out. Hope they don't stuff it out. I'd almost be inspired to write something, if not for the knowledge that whatever I think of, they'll do 180 degrees the other way, which isn't always the best way to go, imho.

Something for Friend T today, just for her silly email which amused me ever so (as always). No cowboys today, today it be that Jack & Daniel fic I promise I'm working on, rather desperately now as I realise I need to finish it before I watch the dear lad's demise, because that'll depress me no end.

    Of all the boneheaded...Jack muttered to himself internally as the natives pushed him along the path, if you wanted to call this crawl hole through the jungle a path. This was the worst case scenario he'd always had festering up in the back of his mind. It wasn't the only one, and there were probably worse worst case scenarios that he could think of, if he really tried, but this was getting about as bad as he ever wanted it to get. They were stranded, in the captivity of hostiles and Daniel was very seriously injured. Jack had seen men killed from less and if Daniel didn't get proper medical treatment he was going to die, if it wasn't already too late.

    The stupid little bastard. If he'd only listened to Jack and not gone storming off like some jilted teenager. Jack had always worried about Daniel walking off the edge of a cliff somewhere. He didn't think it was possibly to be as situationally unaware as Daniel was and to still be alive, but somehow Daniel had managed it - up until today in any case. For Daniel, it was all about discovery. Watching where he put his feet, well, that was Jack's job.

    Ah, there was the kick, the first sharp pang of guilt. Because Jack had fucked up today. He'd been so mad at Daniel he hadn't been watching. He'd taken his eyes off the ball for a moment and now look, they were in shit up to their eyeballs. This is why they have those regulations, he reminded himself again bitterly. If he hadn't been having what could only be described as a tiff with Daniel then none of this would have happened. Daniel would have never have dared to walk away from Jack like that...though, he was talking about Daniel here. Maybe whether or not he'd been sleeping with Daniel had no bearing on how well Daniel could follow his orders. In fact, sometimes, he'd thought it had given him a certain amount of leverage.

    It didn't matter anyway, what was done was done. If he managed to survive this and had to answer formally for the supreme cockup that was this mission, it would probably all come out: the fact that he and Daniel had been at odds lately, then he'd be under oath to explain why...

    Oh yeah, he could just see General Hammond's face turning ever deepening shades of magenta as the truth came out, out being the operative word here.

    Fuck it, Daniel. Why couldn't the little shit just keep it in the bedroom like it was supposed to be.

    No more than Jack could pretend he wasn't frantic with worry over Daniel, much more than he should be, he supposed. Fuck, if that little bastard with the spear behind him jabbed him forward with it one more time he was going nothing because it'd get them both killed and he needed to see how this was going to play out. There was a chance, just a chance, that one of them could get out of this alive.


    After a long forced march through the jungle they'd come to a clearing and inside the clearing was a fort. Well, to Jack it looked for all the world like an old west fort, only circular, rather than square. The party was hustled inside and the gates closed ominously behind them, which Jack did not like. It meant there was something that obviously needed to be kept out. Daniel was vanished into one daub hut amongst a throng of chattering spectators. Jack was dragged off struggling against his captors to another on the other side of the village.

    They threw him the hut and barred the door, and all the screaming and pounding did nothing except make his throat burn and his fists sore. For a building constructed almost entirely of mud and dried vegetation, the stupid little hut was a surprisingly sturdy prison, and of course the thieving bastards had already souvenired his knife and his P-90 and the rest of his gear so he was down to his finger nails and harsh language. He felt about the dark interior but it was entirely empty, not so much as a stick to dig with.

    "Daniel!" He heard the screaming come again from the other end of the compound, real gutteral screaming. They were hurting him, and badly, the little fuckers. "Daniel!" He pounded at the door again but it was no use. He sank down in the darkness and eventually the village grew quiet and Daniel wasn't screaming any more. Jack huddled up, resting his forehead on his knees, exhausted, knowing the sort of shape Daniel had been in before they'd gotten their filthy little hands on him. He squeezed his eyes tight shut and tried not to think about it.



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