mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Lex Lex Lex Lex

I have been inducted into the Cult of Lex. Okay, so I'm easy, but after x-taping 8 hours of Smallville a few times, I wasn't watching it for the plot anyway. Though I must admit to getting snitty over bad geology in the reverso-power epi, not to mention the fact that calico bags are not a conductive material, usually, coprolite-like kryptonite notwithstanding. And it did look like a coprolite. Ewww.

It's all about Clark & Lex. So very very. Though I distress friends and family by continually outing myself as a big time Bo Duke fan. Did they not notice my enormous Tiger Beat collection of decades past? Of course not. Aged Parent has barely ever remembered my name. Though Bro did remember I used to wear earrings in the 80s, bless him. You see I found this old box of earrings in my slow excavation of my dresser (and I do, alas, mean excavation) and he knew they'd be scary funny so he wanted to see and he wasn't disappointed. A whole lotta ones that would not be out of place at a B-52s revival tour - and the fact that the B-52s are older than some of my friends really burns, and not in a good way. Owie.

Had a good weekend, though. After an early night with a cup of tea and Patrick from Casualty I woke up feeling alive again and after Lex and tea for breakfast, followed up by a little Gatachaman, I raced off to the city. Ah, Gatchaman. This is what happens when you deny kids their after school cartoon violence: they seek out the Japanese version on dvd and sit around watching the ultraviolence giggling like heroin addicts, that what. So very, very sad. But fun. Anyway, got into the city, after enduring a toddler sitting behind me showing all the primary symptoms of lycanthropy. Did my Love & Death exhbit at the art gallery at last. Yay! So worth it. All that dripping UST. Luverly stuff. And so appropriate for a weekend devoted to Smallville. Rang up the girls and they were still all in their jim jams so I popped over for the end of Chasing Amy and some classic Lex pics courtesy of Hannah's bitchin' laptop (avarice, avarice, avarice). Ah yes, the seven deadly sins in a day. A good weekend indeed. J

Back to Smallville: watched a couple episodes with Bro, which is always a joy. Some choice catty remarks involved my comment that the show was supposed to be Buffy meets Twin Peaks. "Not until Lex shows us he can tie a knot in a cherry stem." Oh yeah, I'd like to see that. When Clark announces "I'm bleeding?" to his ever concerned mother: "You're becoming a woman, dear." .When Clark delivers a basket full of tulips to Lex's place: "Dear Penthouse, I never believed your letters were true until..."

Oh yeah, we're bad, but as Erilyn says, It's the new Xena. It's just so freaking obvious. Gotta love that.



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