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There's a bus strike today, but because I catch my bus super early, I managed to squeak in on time before the blockade started and have my brekkie undisturbed as I watched the sky turn from black to pink and burnt orange (naturally there are a lot of cars out, so we're talking a particularly bloody, smokey orange).

Nothing else happening. Trying to work but my computer hates me and is taking for friggin' ever to just do one thing. Fek, I think I might go get another lukewarm cup of tea (shudder). What I wouldn't do for a nice hot cup of tea. I'd buy my own personal electric kettle, but I won't be here for the rest of the week, and I don't trust the buggers.

Meanwhile, I went out at lunch to get cake etc for the EBQ (evil bitch queen) who is leaving today. She sneered and grumped at my offerings. Oh well, at least I made the effort. Or perhaps she thought I was celebrating her exit a little too much. Perhaps, but I was trying to be nice. Why oh why do I bother trying to be nice? It gets me nowhere. It gets me in more trouble than if I did nothing. Trying to be nice sucks.

So much for my lunch hour and my money. Well, you don't think anyone actually chipped in for EBQ's cake, do ya? Oh well. I survived the Stalinist purges and she didn't. Please excuse the unseemly and unzenlike moment of gloating. Is a snoopy dance going too far?

As of tomorrow the only EBQ I have to worry about is the one a head office. The one I'll be working for as of tomorrow. The one I'll be sitting right next to. Frying pan -> Fire. Ack.

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